Runtech RunEco EP Turbo Blower at DS Smith PM3

Runtech to deliver another vacuum system rebuild to DS Smith Kemsley Mill

In the rebuild, existing liquid ring pumps will be replaced by four EP600 Turbo Blowers. 

Typical scope of supply of Runtech RunEco Turbo Blower

Runtech Systems signs a service agreement with Metsä Group

The turbo blower service agreement covers all Metsä Group mills in Finland. 

Runtech RunEco EP650 Turbo Blower

Runtech to deliver RunEco vacuum system to Replus Tissue

The new vacuum system will delivered to a customer in South America

RunEco EP Turbo Blower at Smurfit Kappa Ania mill

EP500 Turbo Blower successfully started up at Smurfit Kappa Ania, Italy

Vacuum system rebuild with EP Turbo Blower reduced energy consumption to 15 kWh/t.

Runtech RunEco EP650HF1 turbo blowers provide vacuum for Kivanc Tekstil's new containerboard machine.

Runtech Systems delivers a vacuum system to Kıvanç Tekstil, Turkey

RunEco system will provide vacuum for the new containerboard machine in Adana.

Runtech and Nash join sales forces in Europe to better serve customer in pulp and paper industry

Runtech Systems and Nash tighten their cooperation in Europe

With this unique offering portfolio we can provide optimal solution for all paper mills


Runtech Systems supplies a vacuum system rebuild to Pehlivanoglu Kagit, Turkey

Improved energy and water efficiency of EP Turbo Blower result in a short payback time

Runtech Systems rebuilds vacuum system at Kartonsan BM2, Turkey.

Runtech Systems delivers vacuum system rebuild to Kartonsan BM2, Turkey

With the rebuild, the customer is expecting to save energy in the vacuum system by 30%.

New hybrid spindle bearing unit to Runtech EP Turbo Blowers

Runtech has developed a new bearing unit to its EP Turbo Blowers

This new hybrid spindle bearing has higher tolerance for abnormal running conditions

First Runtech EP Turbo Blower in Brazil started up at Cartonificio Valinhos S.A.

Cartonifício Valinhos, Brazil, has started up the rebuilt vacuum system on PM3 

This EP Turbo Blower is the first one in Brazil and targeted energy saving is over 40%.