Ensure optimal operation of your paper machine

Regular, planned servicing provides you peace of mind, helps you with cost management and improves the efficiency of your paper machine.

Our RunCare Services portfolio offers you several options to meet your maintenance needs. Runtech provides different service models, ranging from a basic bearing unit exchange to predictive maintenance. RunCare Services are categorized in four groups:

Spare parts
RunCare Standard
RunCare Extended
RunCare Agreement

We provide high-quality spare parts for your needs. Our original and inspected spare parts will guarantee the maximum performance. A fast and reliable spare part delivery is our priority. 

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Our well-trained service team is ready to assure trouble free operation and long life of the equipment. All service operations can be executed on your site including bearing replacement, motor replacement, cleaning visits, trial run and vibrations analysis.

We can offer a tailor-made service and maintenance contract according to your requirements.



Secure maximum efficiency and stable turbo blower operation by correct vacuum system maintenance

The benefits of regular and correctly timed vacuum system maintenance are obvious. When properly maintained, the operational efficiency of the vacuum system is kept at an optimum level, and unexpected shutdowns are avoided. Servicing the auxiliary equipment is also important.

Working at the optimum settings of a vacuum system is one of the most important economic factors in mill operation. If left untouched over long periods, the availability and efficiency of a system will decrease, and operating costs will inevitably increase. By maintaining your vacuum system, you can keep efficiency at an optimal level and secure the stable operation of your papermaking line.

RunEco EP Turbo Blowers are economical to own and operate. But as with any other equipment, to ensure trouble-free operation and long life, we recommend regular turbo blower maintenance. The turbo blower impeller can become dirty and cause an imbalance. A dirty impeller also reduces turbo blower efficiency.