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Ropeless Tail Threading To Ensure Fluent Papermaking

RunPro Solution

Automatic ropeless tail threading concepts are safe, reliable and maintenance free. Technology can be applied from the wet end to the reel.



Today, operator safety is a must – and one of the top priorities in every paper and board mill. However, many mills still carry out tail threading with a conventional carrier rope system that presents serious hazards for the staff.

The benefits of ropeless tail threading with Runtech Systems’ technology are numerous. It improves operator safety significantly while also shortening tail threading time during web breaks by up to 80% to increase production. In many cases, the technology enables mills to increase machine speed, which would not be possible with manual tail threading without risking operator safety. Also, thanks to the automated process, operators can focus on other tasks. All these benefits are reflected in a short payback time.

Conversion from a conventional rope carrier system to a ropeless one is fast, taking from only a few days to one week. It can be carried out in several parts, for example, over three years during planned machine shutdowns. To speed the project up and consider all the details, we create a 3D scan of each paper machine. These scans are used in engineering and to write assembly instructions for the mill. Thanks to accurate scanning, measurement errors can be avoided.

If a machine has a challenging geometry, it is possible to test the tail threading equipment with the customer’s own paper or board on Runtech Systems’ demo pilot machine.

Main Benefits

  • Decreased investment, drying and raw material costs
  • Excellent runnability and safe tail threading
  • Draw reduction in the press and drying sections
  • Reduced number of breaks and defects
  • Additional speed
  • More tolerance to process fluctuations

Press Section

Double Felted Section

Long Open Draws

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