Our Solutions for the Paper Industry

Our main target is to bring significant energy savings and highly improved process efficiency for board, tissue and paper mills.

WIth Runtech’s paper machine solutions, you can improve your machine runnability and energy efficiency to reach the best results. Our services and technology also help you save time and money and improve operator safety, which is one of the top priorities in every paper and board mill. 

Look at our paper machine solutions portfolio:


ENERGY & Vacuum systems: RunEco

Environmentally friendly and energy efficient RunEco provides a reliable, completely water free vacuum solution that is ideal for the paper industry applications. RunEco vacuum system main parts are EP Turbo Blower, EcoDrop Water Separator and EcoFlow Dewatering Measurement.

Switching to EP Turbo Blowers is a game-changer in energy efficiency. By optimizing vacuum usage, strategically measuring water flow, and implementing EP Turbo Blowers, mills can reduce energy consumption by 30-70%. Furthermore, exhaust heat recovery, regular maintenance, and tailored dewatering solutions help achieve remarkable energy savings, ultimately benefiting both the environment and operational efficiency.

CLEANLINESS & Dewatering: RunDry

Tailor-made solution RunDry significantly improves dewatering, doctoring and cleaning processes leading to increased dryness after press section, measurable savings and enhanced productivity.

The most efficient and economical method of water removal in the press section is nip dewatering. When upgrading the vacuum system may bring the biggest energy savings, optimized dewatering with doctoring and save-alls often provides great results with a small investment effort and is an important step in optimizing the efficiency of the paper machine.

RUNNABILITY & Tail threading: RunPro

Runnability orientated RunPro offers web stabilizing, machine geometry modifications and ropeless tail threading to eliminate runnability problems and to ensure a fluent paper making process.

Good runnability means continuous machine operation with minimal web breaks, while machine productivity and the amount of waste stay at the desired level.

Papermakers are often faced with various runnability issues. These include a high number of web breaks or problems with tail threading or end product quality, or perhaps there is a need to increase the machine speed but possible runnability issues in the dryer section need to be eliminated. Runnability issues can be solved. The first step to improve machine runnability is to extensively analyze the process factors from the wet end to the reel.


Audits & Consulting

Routine service and system audits are an important part of keeping any process running smoothly. Comprehensive, on-site machine audits can help identify inconsistencies in performance as well as evaluate the potential for failure. In addition to extending the life of a machine, audits can also play a vital role in helping operators identify opportunities to improve the process, energy and machine efficiency.

With the experience of thousands of audits and studies at paper mills, we can benchmark the effectiveness of existing systems and equipment. If you are not sure how to start improving energy efficiency, reduce CO2 emissions and optimize production, get an audit – everything starts from that. 


RunCare Maintenance Services

Regular, scheduled service helps you improve the performance and efficiency of your production line and manage operating costs and inventory.

Working at the optimum settings of a vacuum system is one of the most important economic factors in mill operation. We offer tailored service agreements for both vacuum pumps and blowers that are designed to meet your specific needs. RunCare Agreement is a comprehensive service model. It is a long-term partnership, featuring extended warranty.