EasyOne Concept with Less Energy

Solution to runnability and quality challenges

  • Two vacuum systems:
    1. High release vacuum zone by blowing
    2. Suction system through vacuum rolls
  • Sealing by air w/o any mechanical contacts:
    • No maintenance/ wearing parts
    • Allways optimal conditions for web stability
  • No additional supply air


BillerudKorsnäs Pietarsaari PM 1

Grades: Specialty and industrial packaging

Speed: 900 m/min

Width: 6.6 m


Case Confidential Testliner

Press section web stabilizer and EasyOne web stabilizers:

  • 15% draw reduction between the press and dryer section
  • Safe running speed up to 1400 m/min guaranteed


Hamburger Hungaria PM 3

In 2016 EV Group and Runtech Systems made a significant upgrade to Hamburger Hungaria Dunaújváros PM 3 Containerboard machine. The upgrade consisted of followings:

  1. Shortened open draw between the press and drying section to improve runnability and reduce the draw. 
  2. Installation of Easy One concept web stabilizers to the 1st dryer group to improve runnability, ropeless tail threading, and to enable draw reduction between the press and drying section. 
  3. Conversion of the 1st dryer group bottom cylinders to vacuum rolls by practical on-site drilling procedure. 
  4. Modification of the 2nd dryer group bottom cylinder tail threading area by on-site drilling to vacuum rolls enabling ropeless tail threading. 
  5. Pocket ventilators to guarantee even moisture profiles and improved evaporation.
  6. Vacuum system updated to EP Turbos.
  7. A new heat recovery unit and supply air system for web stabilizers in order to recirculate exhaust air from the EP Turbos to heat recovery system.




EP Turbo Benefits:

  • Significant reduction in vacuum system power consumption (Specific Energy Consumption):
    • 20 kWh/t with Ecopump Turbos after the rebuild
    • 65 kWh/ton with liquid ring pumps before the rebuild

EasyOne concept Benefits:

  • Possible to increase production speed without sheet fluttering problems
  • Less supply air required to the web stabilizers than before the rebuild
  • Tail threading faster and easier than before the rebuild



EasyOne concept with vacuum roll cleaning device


CASE Confidential

Grades: Fluting, Testliner

Speed: 1200 m/min

Width: 5.6 m


DS Smith Aschaffenburg PM 1

Scope of supply:

  • 7 pcs EVsf3-V eco web stabilizers
  • 2 pcs low pressure compressors
  • Air duct connection for existing supply and vacuum air systems


"Since start-up in June [2014], we realized significantly improved runnability, although we did not even exploit the full potential of the new stabilizers because of a lower tension of the dryer fabric. The amount of web breaks in the dryer section has already decreased noticeably."

-Mr. Wolfram Gerspach, Production Manager


  • 25 % reduction in draw between the press and dryer section
  • 33 % increase in elongation of sheet (from 2.1% to 2.8%)
  • Dramatic reduction in web breaks --> no web breaks in the upgraded area


  • Runnabilty is always at optimal level
  • Draw reduction typically between 15 - 40 %
  • Possibility to reduce furnish quality
  • Possibility to increase steam pressure without loosing runnability
  • Reduced porosity due to lower tension between the press and dryer section
  • Increased sheet elongation (Pietarsaari case example: 33%)
  • Reduction in web breaks typically 20 - 60 % compared to standard ”low vacuum” stabilizers
  • Easy ropeless tail threading and less widening breaks
  • Remarkable reduction in consumable costs due to mechanical construction

Case confidential Testliner & Fluting

Paper grade: Fluting & Testliner

Design speed: 1800 m/min

Basis weight: 70-140 gsm

Trim at reel: 7900 mm

Year built: 2012


  • Runnability is always optimal due to no need for consumables and no mechanical contact of any cealings against the drying fabrics New production records with the low grammages
  • Huge savings in spare parts cost
  • Integrated vacuum roll cleaning pipe

The installation has given Dunaújváros PM 3 a whole new set of tools to further develop and optimize the productivity and quality.

Investment payback period is feasible due to increased production efficiency and decreased material costs.

Specific energy consumption per ton decreases, yearly production increases, and product quality improves.